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Home is the place for users of the Aegir hosting system to contribute to documentation and communicate with each other.

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Recent activity
Wednesday, Apr 22
4:01am Mig5's Aegir Feed updated Interviewed for Drupal Yarns
4:01am Mig5's Aegir Feed updated Aegir video from DrupalDownUnder 2012
4:01am Mig5's Aegir Feed updated Aegir session confirmed for Drupal DownUnder
4:01am Mig5's Aegir Feed updated Manage your Aegir system from the command-line
Thursday, Mar 26
Atrium Discussion 8:50pm helmo updated 3.0-alpha2 released
Atrium Discussion 8:49pm helmo updated 3.0-beta1 released
Atrium Notebook 2:14pm helmo updated 3.0-beta1 release notes
Wednesday, Mar 25
Atrium Discussion 7:48pm ergonlogic updated 2.1 released!
Atrium Discussion 7:48pm ergonlogic posted 2.3 released!
Atrium Calendar 7:46pm ergonlogic posted 2.3 released!
Atrium Calendar 4:08pm helmo posted 3.0-beta1 released
Friday, Mar 20
Atrium Discussion 3:54pm helmo commented on Upgrade Fails to Execute Update Tasks
Wednesday, Mar 18
Atrium Discussion 10:16am helmo commented on Aegir contrib in the wild
Tuesday, Mar 3
6:18am Praxis Labs Coop posted
Thursday, Feb 26
Atrium Notebook 8:48pm anarcat updated Automatic upgrades with Debian packages