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Home is the place for users of the Aegir hosting system to contribute to documentation and communicate with each other.

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Recent activity
Wednesday, Oct 29
Atrium Discussion 12:17am butler360 commented on Installing the Hosting Queue Daemon on Arch Linux
Tuesday, Oct 28
Atrium Discussion 7:14pm Julien posted How to have a custom site provision websites ?
Atrium Discussion 10:47am marcnz updated Virtual mailboxes for additional clients on same domain set up with BOA
Tuesday, Oct 21
Atrium Discussion 12:52pm helmo commented on Warning on clone or migration - standard profile missing
Monday, Oct 13
Atrium Notebook 8:46pm aaront updated Universities using Aegir
Friday, Oct 10
Atrium Discussion 11:36pm aaront commented on Hosting front end offline after upgrade - database gone
Monday, Oct 6
Atrium Notebook 10:12am helmo posted 2014 DrupalCon Amsterdam: Spidersnet Infinity: Creating a Site Factory with Drupal & Aegir
Friday, Sep 26
Atrium Discussion 9:34am audub commented on Add another site install language option for Aegir sites
Thursday, Sep 25
Atrium Notebook 12:53pm helmo updated 3.0-alpha1 release notes
Tuesday, Sep 23
Atrium Discussion 3:43am Liam McDermott commented on 3.0-alpha1 released
Monday, Sep 22
Atrium Notebook 12:09pm helmo updated Automatic upgrades with script
Atrium Calendar 11:32am helmo posted 3.0-alpha1 released
Friday, Sep 12
Atrium Notebook 7:58am helmo updated Building and working with the debian packages
Monday, Sep 8
Atrium Discussion 4:57pm milovan commented on .htaccess password and IP protection doesn't work with Aegir
Thursday, Aug 28
Atrium Discussion 12:36pm fuzzy76 commented on Able to verify site, not able to clone it. How can I migrate this site to a new, updated codebase?