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Recent activity
Friday, Jan 30
Atrium Discussion 10:07am batfastad posted Manual Aegir cluster - poor man's pack
Atrium Discussion 4:25am krishna posted Manual installation stops at common.inc_6.28.patch error
Wednesday, Jan 28
Atrium Notebook 5:17pm IainH updated Manual Installation
Saturday, Jan 24
Atrium Discussion 6:18pm ergonlogic commented on Clone multiple website or clone platform
Atrium Discussion 6:05pm ergonlogic commented on Aegir for Singe Sites
Tuesday, Jan 20
8:05am Praxis Labs Coop updated Allow non-root users to restart the Aegir queue daemon
Thursday, Jan 15
Atrium Discussion 4:28pm jackniu posted "composer install" failed for install drush 7.x in CentOS 6.5
Friday, Jan 9
Atrium Notebook 3:18pm helmo updated Contributed Modules
Atrium Notebook 3:16pm helmo updated Contribs for Aegir 7.x-3.x
Tuesday, Jan 6
Atrium Discussion 7:21pm teokosmo updated Cannot pass data from signup form to installation profile
Wednesday, Dec 31
Atrium Discussion 4:21pm omega8cc commented on Despamming best practices?
Tuesday, Dec 30
Atrium Notebook 8:47am helmo updated Despamming guide
Monday, Dec 29
Atrium Discussion 3:09pm szikael updated After installation problem.
Thursday, Dec 18
Atrium Notebook 2:40pm helmo updated Automatic upgrades with script
Atrium Discussion 2:39pm helmo updated 3.0-alpha1 released