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Home is the place for users of the Aegir hosting system to contribute to documentation and communicate with each other.

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Recent activity
Wednesday, Jul 23
3:27pm Praxis Labs Coop posted
Thursday, Jul 17
Atrium Discussion 5:00pm chriszz posted Irregularities in terms of temp folder recognition for new sites from HUB to SPOKE
Atrium Discussion 4:56pm chriszz posted Planning of VM Sizes in terms for GB for Harddrive for HUB and Spoke
Atrium Notebook 6:35am ergonlogic updated Aegir Ecology vs Drupal Gardens
Atrium Discussion 1:56am niccolo commented on 2.1 released!
Sunday, Jul 13
Atrium Notebook 9:24pm Francewhoa updated Backup and Restore
Atrium Discussion 8:16pm Francewhoa commented on Hosting cron not running
Atrium Notebook 2:57am Francewhoa updated FAQ
Monday, Jul 7
Atrium Notebook 1:05am Francewhoa updated Migrating/upgrading and renaming websites
Sunday, Jul 6
Atrium Notebook 9:12am IainH updated Injecting into site vhosts
Atrium Notebook 2:51am Francewhoa updated Getting to know the interface
Atrium Notebook 2:22am Francewhoa updated Project history
Atrium Notebook 2:13am Francewhoa updated Project goals
Tuesday, Jul 1
Atrium Discussion 4:50pm ergonlogic updated Aegir Dispatch (Issue #2)
Friday, Jun 27
Atrium Notebook 2:55am Francewhoa updated Automatic install on Debian