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Recent activity
Tuesday, Jun 30
Atrium Discussion 1:06am Fritz14 commented on Is there a way to delete a platform from the command line?
Friday, Jun 19
4:54pm Praxis Labs Coop updated Allow non-root users to restart the Aegir queue daemon
Monday, Jun 15
Atrium Notebook 12:13am daften updated Contributed Modules
Atrium Notebook 12:12am daften updated Contribs for Aegir 7.x-3.x
Thursday, Jun 4
Atrium Calendar 7:36am helmo updated Aegir Summit @ NYC Camp
Friday, May 29
Atrium Notebook 2:13pm jonpugh updated Create a SUDO user for server administration
Thursday, May 28
1:24am Mig5's Aegir Feed updated 'So, what is it you exactly do?' - Part one, continuous deployment
Tuesday, May 26
Atrium Discussion 7:34pm milovan commented on .htaccess password and IP protection doesn't work with Aegir
Wednesday, May 20
Atrium Notebook 7:24pm helmo updated 2.4 release notes
Atrium Notebook 7:08pm helmo updated Automatic upgrades with script
Atrium Calendar 7:07pm helmo posted 2.4 releasd
Atrium Notebook 7:05pm helmo updated 3.0-alpha2 release notes
Atrium Notebook 7:05pm helmo updated 3.0-alpha1 release notes
Atrium Notebook 7:03pm helmo posted 3.0 alphas, betas & release candidates
Atrium Notebook 7:02pm helmo updated 2.0 alphas, betas & release candidates