Crazy Aegir Ideas 1: Aegir as Site Builder using Drush Make Generator or Aegir Hostmaster module derived from

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ok, here we go, beginners luck, fools rush in where angels fear to dread, and all that

have been wondering a lot about Aegir centered site network design and building, site and site network design (see my coming discuss post on the Aegir Graph tba)

came across the codebase and started using it to create some useful (educational?) make files and play with them

i.e. this is a D6 Drush Make Generator Select All make file (warning ckeditor and blueprint theme choke make, comment out)

then I thought, gee, imagine if this was a Aegir (Hostmaster) module ?

Use Case: Aegir as a Site Builder

Aegir client wants to create a Drupal distro prototype, and they dont know about Drush, GIT or much of everything (yours truley ;})

So, fortunately, they have a handy module within Aegir called Drush Make Generator (thanks to rupl at FourKitchens) which allows them to create a make make file, which they can then reference via Create Platform to create a new Platform, and hence a new site

and bingo, they have a new distro to work with, without ever seeing the command line

For many point and click sitebuilders, this is heaven, and is one of the selling points of Wordpress i.e easy to download extensions within the web ui

see my Feature Request for at Drush Make Generator

Aegir integration: a hostmaster module?

hey, this is great ! have you considered making this a module for Aegir's hostmaster profile ? version 1.0 of Aegir is released and there are some great possibilities Aegir is a great tool for managing distro's, but imagine the power of being able to actually create a distro from within Aegir? thats recursive bliss -N

the creator or rupl has ideas of extending Drush Make Generator in directions that coule be useful to the Aegir Graph

Feature: suggested makefiles

High-level list of common websites, like e-commerce, social features, gallery, portfolio. Picking an option should populate the generate form and allow for further tweaking

ps: yes, I know this is a dangerous idea/module from a management perspective, all sorts of frankensteins are possible, its a bit like GMO, lots of dangerous freakazoids with unknown consequences