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First release candidate out - 0.4 branch frozen, master branch opened to development


First release candidate out - 0.4 branch frozen, master branch opened to development

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0.4-rc1 release notes

After 17 months of development, we have finally reached that significant milestone in Aegir's development: we have a stable release candidate you can test and hammer on.

Since we have made our first release candidate, we're now on the high road towards the final release. We'll now focus on the issues mentionned in the release notes and reported critical bugs.

This also means that 0.4 is now a stable branch. I have just branched off the provision-0.4 and hostmaster-0.4 branches off the release tag, and new releases on the 0.4 series will be done from that branch.

That also means that commits done on the master branch will not be shipped with next releases unless they are explicitly cherry-picked to the stable branch. This is to ensure maximum stability while allowing for development of new features and crazy things on the master branch. One of the things that is planned to happen there is the Drupal 7 port of the frontend or DNS support. I also personally plan to work on enhancing the security model to allow users to run drush commands on their sites directly, without doing funky sudo -u aegir or similar insanities beforehand.

This is all in accordance with our regular branch workflow and release process for those of you curious about those things. We do hope, however, that the 0.4 branch will be short-lived and that we'll head for the mythical 1.0 release shortly to give you a stable release of new feature in a timely manner (ie. not 17 months :).

Now go test our shiny new release and report any issues you may find!

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