DRAFT: 2.0-rc1 release notes

The Aegir team is pleased to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming Aegir 2.0 release.

This release mainly targets a few critical bugs that were found in the second beta, mostly related to ongoing Views and Drush integration and access control. We also introduce a number of new features and finally drop support for provisionning Drupal 5 sites completely (for real this time!).

While we are in feature freeze, we have continued to add some UI improvements, since they don't affect the API. We've added some long-standing UI enhancements, and fixed a number of bugs in the views integration and other usability problems, as well as overhauling our access control.

Or only remaining critical bugs are basically waiting on a new release of Drush, upgrade testing on Nginx and some contrib upgrade guidance documentation. If no other critical bugs are discovered during the time it takes us to fix these, we should move on to a full release of Aegir 2.0!

Known issues

Our release process is still done by hand instead of automated because we can't use our aegir distribution as core (issue #1991764).

Issue #1931000: Missing drush backend output in frontend log has been fixed, but may require a patch to Drush for the use of hosting-queued.

Subdirectory support is still very preliminary and needs those issues to be fixed before completion:

  • Nginx support missing (issue #2020091)
  • If example.com/foo is created, the example.com virtual will be overwritten and the site inaccessible under that domain (issue #2020089)
  • Multi-server support is untested (issue #2020079)
  • Code needs to be refactored to the new 2.x API (issue #2020075)

Bugfixes and features


Changes since 6.x-2.0-beta2:

  • #1647830 by sambonner: Fix Incorrect ownership of directories under sites/example.com/private/files/.
  • #2038279 by ergonlogic, Jon Pugh: Validate email during site install.
  • broken
  • Add missing unicode include for UID1 name validation.
  • #1201174: Make UID1 username configurable.
  • #905326 by ergonlogic, crea: Improve file path changes.

Fixing #2027269:

  • #2038891: Add 'client_email' option to 'provision-install-backend'.
  • #1830220: Drop support for Drupal 5.
  • debian: properly detect webserver, again (#2040285)
  • #2037045 by helmo, ergonlogic: Change some log statuses to better match Drush's log styling.
  • Node 2036793 not found. (http://drupal.org/node/2036793) Ignore hidden modules and profiles.
  • Node 2036283 not found. (http://drupal.org/node/2036283) Flag site-specific modules and themes rather than ignore them.
  • * [#2044251: drush command '@none provision-save' could not be found](http://drupal.org/node/2044251)


    Changes since 6.x-2.0-beta2:

  • Add missing translation.
  • #2038891: Switch from '--invoke' to '--strict=0' for backend calls.
  • #1761932:
  • Display all validation errors when adding a client, and limit to 20 suggestions.
  • Flag rollbacks as warnings in our task logs.
  • #2037965: Clean up hosting-pause.
  • #1975086 by helmo | anarcat: Fixed updating a task when there is none.
  • available
  • #1238618: Fix client form validation.
  • #2037045 by helmo, ergonlogic: Match Drush's log styling.
  • platforms
  • #2035873: Show count of sites using packages.
  • Save the platform field when creating a package instance record.
  • #1994000:
  • Pass the entity type when we're sync'ing package instances.
  • #2023621:
  • #: Make Aegir aware of site-specific packages.
  • SSL.
  • #2025787 by omega8cc, ergonlogic, anarcat: Open site goto link in a new window/tab.
  • #2014589:
  • Handle package page views separately for sites and platforms.
  • #2005246:
  • Update default hosting_site views to use new access plugin for blocks, and add a couple more displays for non admin listings.
  • #2025533:
  • Add Views access plugin for hosting_site and hosting_package.
  • Only register shutdown function to update task status in the context of a front-end task.
  • Other

  • #1975086: Add 'update status' button to tasks.
  • #1975086: Move log parsing and status updates to seperate functions and call them from a shutdown function.
  • #2031765: Clean up VBO operations with Action Permissions.
  • #2036793:
  • Move to individual operation callbacks for VBO tasks.
  • #2036283:
  • Add more granular permissions to site views.
  • #2031747:
  • Don't display package block on profiles.
  • #2026417: Disambiguate site operations.
  • intended functionality
  • #2005310: Add VBO operations to platforms view.
  • found
  • #2022849: Record disable and delete backups in the database.
  • #2022813 by Deciphered: Expose backups to Views.
  • queues
  • #2006074 by Deciphered: Enable backups via VBO.
  • #1345118:
  • Add views handler to filter packages by status.
  • #1515416 by ergonlogic, helmo, Deciphered: Replace listing of sites and platforms using a package with a view.
  • #2022813:
  • Update empty text in site views.
  • #2031491: Review and update permissions for all roles.
  • #1861898:
  • Allow clients with access to platforms to view them.
  • #2037965:
  • Clean up hosting_node_grants().
  • #2038891:
  • Add 'administer' permissions for platforms and servers, and allow platforms to be viewed.
  • #2031765:
  • Override hook_access functions for node_grants when hosting_client is enabled.
  • #2037045:
  • Register node type in hosting_task's Hosting feature.
  • #2025787:
  • Only show link to add clients on site form to those with proper permissions.
  • default
  • #2027269: Update a task's status after all Drush operations are complete.
  • Eldir

    Changes since 6.x-2.0-beta1:


    Changes since 6.x-2.0-beta2: