DRAFT: 2.0-beta3 release notes

The Aegir team is pleased to announce the third stabilization (beta) release of the Aegir 2.x branch.

This release mainly targets a few critical bugs that were found in the first beta, namely IP allocation on non-SSL and non-cluster sites which was completely broken and bugs the Debian package. We also introduce a few new features and finally drop support for provisionning Drupal 5 sites completely.

While we are in feature freeze, we have continued to add some UI improvements, since they don't affect the API. We've added some long-standing UI enhancements, and fixed a number of bugs in the views integration and other usability problems.

We are down to only one active critical bug. If no other critical bugs are discovered during the time it takes us to fix it, we should move on to our first release candidate!

Known issues

Our release process is still done by hand instead of automated because we can't use our aegir distribution as core (issue #1991764)

Issue #1931000: Missing drush backend output in frontend log has been fixed, but may require a patch to Drush for the use of hosting-queued.

Subdirectory support is still very preliminary and needs those issues to be fixed before completion:

  • Nginx support missing (issue #2020091)
  • If example.com/foo is created, the example.com virtual will be overwritten and the site inaccessible under that domain (issue #2020089)
  • Multi-server support is untested (issue #2020079)
  • Code needs to be refactored to the new 2.x API (issue #2020075)

The move to Views has highlighted some additional issues:

Fixing #2027269: warnings and errors in front-end pre- and post- hooks are ignored for task status required a new Drush commandfile, and thus a 'drush cc drush' if upgrade between an alpha/beta release and HEAD.

The debian package still doesn't properly configure the webserver, a patch has been committed and a workaround is available in issue #2040285.

New features

Bug fixes

Other issue list - dupe?