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Revision of Conditional Logic for Injecting Apache Conf Rules from Mon, 08/06/2012 - 17:21


Conditional Logic for Injecting Apache Conf Rules

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Injecting into site vhosts

I am trying to inject additional apache conf files so specific hosts, and I am using this code in a file called in /var/aegir/.drush:

  function wwwlegacy_provision_apache_vhost_config($uri, $data) {
    if ($uri == "") {
      return array("Include conf.d/www-legacy-redirect.conf","Include conf.d/www-legacy-proxy.conf");

but this does not inject the two lines into the vhost entry of after I verify the site. When I remove the if statement, it works, but I don't want it going to all the sites.

Looks like I am missing something very basic ... ?


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