Ubercart Integration FAQ

These are frequently asked questions about Aegir Ubercart Integration. For basic install and usage instructions please consult the guide.


Does this module create a site install task after product is purchased?

There may be some adjustment to UI needed to make this clearer, but the short answer is "Yes".

This is done conditionally: The module adds a checkbox saying "Create my site later" to the purchase form displayed on a product, if that product has the site feature. If that checbox is checked, then we go right to payment completion, and the client will create their site later using the regular aegir interface.

If that checkbox is not checked, we throw the user into a site creation form, store the data they input, and then use it on payment completion to create the site.

Regardless of whether or not they enter their site info during ordering, their client's quota is incremented.

In the case of a product kit with multiple sites included, only the first site can be created in this manner.


I am attempting to determine the specific actions needed to secure the mysql database when you get the "Dummy connection failed to fail" message, without running "mysql_secure_installation"...

So far I've determined you should run the following queries:

DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User='';
DELETE FROM mysql.db WHERE Db LIKE 'test%';

Once I confirm this works I will edit the FAQ to include these commands


That and a FLUSH PRIVILEGES; seems to do it.

I'll be testing it a few times more, then update the FAQ and Automatic Install instructions.