serving PHP from a non standard drupal directory

Hi All,

This may well have been asked and answered before but I've searched and was unable to find anything relevant.

I'm new to Aegir and expect that my issue is solvable through configuration but I'm not sure where to look.

I have a tight deadline on moving a drupal installation from one hosting company to an internal hosting solution using a BOA install. I have created a platform from the existing site and successfully migrated the drupal site onto the aegir hosted solution.

The existing site was developed by someone else and there is a section of the website that has not been created directly within the standard drupal directory structure.

They have created a directory under the drupal root and placed a mixture of html, images, CSS and .php files in it. Some of the PHP has then had the drupal bootstrap code wrapped around it so that when executed it 'appears' to run as part of drupal.

Long term I will port all of this 'extra' stuff back into drupal standard, however this will take time I currently don't have.

Can I make a non standard drupal directory serve .php? it will currently serve html, css, txt but won't execute anything .php

I suspect that aegir or BOA has config to not execute php within a non standard directory for security reasons. Is there anywhere I can override this and allow (temporarily at least) to run code within an arbitrary directory

many thanks for any pointers or help