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Clone multiple website or clone platform


Clone multiple website or clone platform


I am studying multi-site hosting solution with Aegir. In particular, the method used to update the version of Drupal multiple website in one step.

In interface to migrate sites from a platform to another, i noticed this: "You can perform a batch migration of websites from this source platform to a different target platform using this form , if you wish to order Do That securely , Clone always one of them in its current platform , Then test Migrate cloned copy of the first and check if the cloned copy works fine , Before You Will try that with your live sites."

My question is : Is there a way to clone all sites from one platform to another identical (or clone platform). Then, the goal is to test the migration to another different platform with all the sites first before you do it with the live sites.

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No we currently don't have an option to do bulk cloning operations. One tricky part would be to come up with a good sitename for each clone.


Bear in mind that the platform migration task just creates individual migration tasks for each site on the platform. These, in turn, are fairly safe, as they'll make use of Aegir's rollback strategy should any errors occur during the migration.

To elaborate a bit on the internals, a clone operation basically involves taking a backup, and then deploying a new site from that backup. A migration is a clone where the original site is deleted and the site's vhost re-written after update.php succeeds on the 'cloned' site. If any errors occur right up to the end of update.php on the 'cloned' site, then it is deleted and the original site re-enabled. As a result, it is a very safe process.


Thank you for your answers !

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