Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-27

[10:02am] darthsteven: mig5, ergonlogic, grugnog, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn: scrum time!
[10:02am] omega8cc: hello!
[10:02am] darthsteven: Welcome to our weekly Aegir Scrum
[10:02am] darthsteven: Who would like to go first?
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[10:04am] darthsteven: omega8cc: would you like to start us off?
[10:04am] beautifulmind joined the chat room.
[10:05am] omega8cc: darthsteven: all my nginx related new stuff is a bit delayed as it needs more testing
[10:05am] omega8cc: so I didn't submit any patches yet, but I hope to be able to do it this week
[10:06am] omega8cc: also new boa release has been delayed for this reason
[10:06am] darthsteven: okay
[10:06am] darthsteven: well, looking forward to reviewing those bits
[10:06am] merro joined the chat room.
[10:07am] darthsteven: anyone else?
[10:08am] darthsteven: I'll go next then
[10:08am] darthsteven: I factored out the Jenkins tests to a drush command in provision
[10:09am] darthsteven: so we can run them locally without python or Jenkins
[10:09am] darthsteven: which is nice
[10:09am] omega8cc: wow
[10:09am] darthsteven: We can also have different tests for the different branches now too
[10:10am] darthsteven: the tests are pretty basic, as we'll be using the Drush testing framework in a bit, when Drush 5 is out, but for now they're pretty basic
[10:10am] darthsteven: also
[10:10am] dfrt:  /t
[10:10am] darthsteven: I made the Jekins scripts use configuration from Jenkins, rather than new code in the repo
[10:11am] darthsteven: so we can do releases much more easily
[10:11am] darthsteven: speaking of which
[10:11am] darthsteven: We release 1.4 
[10:11am] darthsteven: *released
[10:11am] darthsteven: Fixing a security issue
[10:11am] darthsteven: Also
[10:11am] darthsteven: I created the 6.x-2.x branch, which was where the 7.x-2.x branch was
[10:11am] darthsteven: because...
[10:12am] darthsteven: 7.x-2.x now contains Drupal 7 code!
[10:12am] darthsteven: hurrah!
[10:12am] darthsteven: Porting is underway
[10:12am] omega8cc:
[10:12am] darthsteven: I was going to let everyone know via the community site, but couldn't because that had issues with the OA upgrade that was forced upon it
[10:12am] darthsteven: I will do that today though
[10:14am] omega8cc: darthsteven: so, is our gSoC student work/idea already cancelled, I suppose? as you are doing it currently
[10:14am] darthsteven: omega8cc: As far as I can tell, nothing really came of that
[10:14am] omega8cc: yeah 
[10:15am] darthsteven: we can always get him porting one of the modules if that's not the case
[10:15am] darthsteven: gSoC is over afaik anyway
[10:15am] darthsteven: Anyone else want to say anything?
[10:15am] omega8cc: so we may want to update our room header
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[10:22am] omega8cc: darthsteven: Thanks for leading the work and our scrum! I can submit the log to c.a.o if you wish
[10:22am] darthsteven: end of scrum!