Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-07

[15:00]  * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
[15:00] <@anarcat> welcome everybody
[15:00] <+sfyn> hello
[15:00] <@anarcat> so this is our weekly scrum
[15:00] <j0nathan> halo
[15:00] <@anarcat> and i'll be your host, jolly-o-anarcat
[15:00] <@anarcat> this week
[15:00] <@anarcat> i want to release 1.2
[15:00] <@anarcat> i know i said that last week
[15:00] <@anarcat> but i failed
[15:00] <@anarcat> so i'll try again :)
[15:00] <@anarcat> if you guys have patches to review or commit, now is a good time
[15:00] <@anarcat> i'll do a sprint tomorrow and try to release thursday
[15:01] <@anarcat> also
[15:01] <@anarcat> koumbit wants to blog about "cool things done with aegir" - we have a few on our end
[15:01] <@anarcat> but if you guys have good examples, bring it!
[15:01] <@anarcat> you can send sample sites or blurbs or text or whatever to me on irc here or by email at anarcat@koumbit.org
[15:01] <@anarcat> what else what else
[15:02] <@anarcat> i think that's it for me, other than the fact that i'm probably supposed to harrass our gsoc student here
[15:02] <@anarcat> sethvincent: prod!
[15:02] <+sethvincent> hello!
[15:02] <@anarcat> prod prod :)
[15:02] == dunkoh [~dunkoh@MW-ESR1-72-49-37-45.fuse.net] has joined #aegir
[15:02] <@anarcat> hey seth, how's it going
[15:02] <@anarcat> can you give us a little progress update?
[15:02] <+sethvincent> sorry. classes here have just finished, so i'll be more active starting this week.
[15:03] <+sfyn> yay
[15:03] <@anarcat> yay! :)
[15:03] <+sfyn> !
[15:03] <+sethvincent> i've been working on porting eldir first.
[15:03] <+sethvincent> made a few initial commits of that work
[15:03] <+sethvincent> applied the 'turn features into features' patch and have been looking through the changes that introduces
[15:04] <+sethvincent> and that's about it
[15:04] <@anarcat> okay, those commits don't seem to be pushed on drupal.org, please do so when you can!
[15:04] <@univate> I am willing to help out with some of that "features" stuff if you need it
[15:04] <@anarcat> good work
[15:04] <@anarcat> awesome!
[15:04] == dunkoh [~dunkoh@MW-ESR1-72-49-37-45.fuse.net] has quit [Client Quit]
[15:04] <@anarcat> univate: please do! i understand you had good contributions there
[15:04]  * sfyn raises his hand
[15:04] <@anarcat> in fact, if you want to help sethvincent by reviewing and merging his patches in, that's great
[15:04] <@anarcat> sfyn: go right ahead
[15:04] <@anarcat> i think seth was done
[15:04] == jerryitt [~jerry@ip-78-137-175-99.dsl.digiweb.ie] has joined #aegir
[15:05] <+sethvincent> cool. so far all the stuff i'm working on is here: http://drupal.org/sandbox/seth.vincent/1140244
[15:05] <+sfyn> not much done, but I have started working on the servicesAPI imp from the hostmaster_plus module
[15:05] <+sfyn> Bit of a mess, but I am hosting that work on github for now
[15:05] <+sfyn> https://github.com/sfyn/hosting_services
[15:05] == AquaticDisorder [~AquaticDi@cpc2-chwo3-0-0-cust50.perr.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #aegir
[15:05] <+sfyn> The big news - the module can now be installed
[15:05] <@univate> I have a couple a major projects that are planning to use aegir, so hoping to have a a bit more time focused on this
[15:05] <@anarcat> sethvincent: i see... the url linked from the gsoc page is wrong: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/sdv_3333/1#
[15:05] <+sfyn> I am waiting to hear back from cmcintosh - the original author - before publishing to d.org
[15:06] <+sethvincent> anarcat: oh! i'll fix that
[15:06] <@anarcat> sfyn: why isn't that on drupal.org?
[15:06] <@anarcat> oh nevermind :)
[15:06] <@anarcat> sfyn: i think you should go ahead and publish
[15:06] <+sfyn> I agree
[15:06] <+sfyn> if mr. mac doesn't get back to me by friday I will
[15:06] <@anarcat> ok
[15:07] <@anarcat> great
[15:07] <+sfyn> YOU HEAR THAT CMCINTOSH?
[15:07] <@anarcat> SFYN: I DON'T THINK HE'S HERE!
[15:07] <@anarcat> ;)
[15:07] <@anarcat> alright, enough yelling :)
[15:07] <+sfyn> maybe he will read the scrum log later
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[15:07] <@darthsteven> my turn
[15:07] <@anarcat> sfyn, if you're done, i think we can move on to mig5 or darthsteven
[15:07] <@anarcat> alright :)
[15:07]  * sfyn clams up
[15:08] <@mig5> nothing from me this week i'm afraid
[15:08] <@darthsteven> so, this week I've been reviewing a few issues and committing some of my patches to the 7.x branch and 6.x too
[15:08] <@mig5> i hear the distribution relesae node issue was fixed
[15:08] <@darthsteven> thinking about things to do with cron
[15:08] <@anarcat> darthsteven: cool
[15:08] <@anarcat> mig5: yes, at last!!!
[15:08] <@darthsteven> I'm going to hit documentation hard over the next few weeks
[15:09] <@darthsteven> to live up to my 'documentation maintainer' title :)
[15:09] <@anarcat> cool :)
[15:09] <@anarcat> that's great!
[15:09] <@darthsteven> I'd also like to get api.aegirproject.org sorted out
[15:09] <@darthsteven> cause it's a bit of a mess at the moment
[15:09] <@anarcat> darthsteven: we should really move the api site to our aegir server, that would fix a lot of shit
[15:09] <@anarcat> yeah
[15:09] <@anarcat> ergonlogic was proposing we move to d7 too
[15:10] <@darthsteven> we can discuss in the issue...
[15:10] <@anarcat> yeah
[15:10] <@darthsteven> that's it from me
[15:10] == ipwa [~ipwa@] has joined #aegir
[15:10] <@anarcat> alright
[15:10] <@darthsteven> anyone else?
[15:10] <@anarcat> mig5: anything to add?
[15:10] <@mig5> nope
[15:10] <@anarcat> otherwise i think we're kind of done here
[15:10] <@anarcat> thanks everyone for attending, and see you on the other side of 1.2 :)
[15:10] <@anarcat> oh
[15:10] <+sfyn> cya all next week
[15:10] <@anarcat> another thing
[15:11] <@anarcat> i am trying to remove aegir from ubuntu
[15:11] <@anarcat> because it currently ships with 0.3
[15:11] <+sfyn> oops
[15:11] <@anarcat> which is confusing some people
[15:11] <@anarcat> and is blocking the drush backport
[15:11] <@anarcat> but that seems to be hard
[15:12] <@anarcat> if anyone wants to help in the ubuntu effort, that would be apprecitated: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aegir-provision/+bug/793567
[15:12] <@anarcat> and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/drush/+bug/755169
[15:12] <@anarcat> so that's about it
[15:12] <@anarcat> thanks again everyone