Aegir file system structure


This page documents the typical file system structure on an Aegir installation. It is intended to complement a related wiki page on Aegir Architecture. The following paths are based on an Aegir 0.4-x installation and assume that all directories are within the /var/aegir folder.

Scripts and Configuration Files

/backupssite-specific tar balls containing a database dump and folders under path/to/platform/sites/
/config/server_master/apache/conf.dnon-aegir or non-drupal virtual hosts files
/config/server_master/apache/platform.dcontains .htaccess information for each aegir platform
/config/server_master/apache/vhost.dapache virtual host files for aegir platforms
/config/server_master/apache/vhost.d/aegir.example.comvirtual host file for aegir web site - specifies path to platform directory and site database settings (so that database credentials are not exposed directly in site settings.php file)
/config/server_master/apache/vhost.d/site-1.comvirtual host file for deployed web site
/drushdrush folder
/drush/drush.php drush script
/.drushdrush extensions and server, platform and site aliases
/.drush/drush_makedrush_make project folder - used for building web sites from .make files
/.drush/provisionprovision folder
/.drush/server_master.alias.drushrc.phpsettings for the master server where the main aegir database, hosting platform and aegir site reside
/.drush/platform_hostmaster.alias.drushrc.phpsettings for the hostmaster platform on which the aegir site is based
/.drush/hostmaster.alias.drushrc.phpsettings for the aegir site
/.drush/platform_platform1.alias.drushrc.phpsettings for platform1 on which is based
/.drush/ for

Hostmaster Platform and Aegir (front-end) Site

/hostmaster-0.xhostmaster platform
/hostmaster-0.x/profiles/hostmasterhostmaster profile
/hostmaster-0.x/profiles/hostmaster/modules/hostinghosting module
/hostmaster-0.x/profiles/hostmaster/modules/install_profile_apiinstall_profile_api – facilitates provisioning of sites based on a non-default profile
/hostmaster-0.x/profiles/hostmaster/themes/eldireldir theme – provides Aegir front end look and feel
/hostmaster-0.x/profiles/hostmaster/hostmaster.profileprofile file – used in site provisioning to configure a drupal database
/hostmaster-0.x/profiles/hostmaster/hostmaster.makemake file – used to include modules, themes, libraries etc. from various sources
/hostmaster-0.x/sites/aegir.example.comaegir web site folders

Deployed Platforms

Note: the directory /platforms is optional but can be useful to separate deployed platforms from directories for scripts, config files and hostmaster platform.

/platforms/platform-1/profiles/custom-profile/custom.profileprofile file – used in site provisioning to configure a drupal database
/platforms/platform-1/profiles/custom-profile/custom.makemake file – used to include modules, themes, libraries etc. from various sources
/platforms/platform-1/sites/ drupal configuration file
/platforms/platform-1/sites/ site-specific aegir-specific configuration file

Platform permissions

Path Directory              File                   Notes
./* aegir:aegir
The webserver has no business writing or moving files in the Drupal codebase.
Inside ./sites/
drushrc.php aegir:aegir
Web server shouldn't be able to read drushrc.php, it's not a component of the Drupal site.
settings.php aegir:www-data
Web server can read this file, but otherwise tight control over this file which can contain sensitive information.
modules themes
Because of the sticky bit (s) on the parent directory, each child directory will inherit attributes of the parent. The attribute that is consistently inherited is the group. This means that a developer in the "aegir" group can add files which will retain the "aegir" group ownership of the parent directory.
Aegir sets these directories with a sticky bit (s) so that under certain conditions new folders and files will inherit parent permissions. There are only a few cases where this happens though.
The permissions shown here are how files and directories created by www-data will look. When verifying a platform, Aegir won't "correct" these files and directories to match the parents. If you have trouble with permissions/ownership on these directories, you can safely run the following commands (in this case on the files directory):
# chown -R aegir:www-data /path/to/site/files/*
# chmod -R 775 /path/to/site/files/*