Infinite Recursion on Site Import

We have a shared dev server running Aegir 0.4-beta2, works quite well. Locally, I have Aegir HEAD (from 1/14). I build a script that creates a backup on the remote system, retrieves the backup archive, then follows the instructions found here to import the site into my local environment.

This all works great. After the provision-deploy, I run a verify via the frontend on the platform onto which the site was deployed. Aegir sees the new site and queues up an import task. Upon running the import task, it fails due to what appears to be infinite recursion on every site I try to import using this method.

I suspect infinite recursion due to the errors I get. When I have xdebug enabled with a nesting level of 1,000 (or any value I enter), it hits the limit and Xdebug kills it. When I have Xdebug disabled, I get a segfault.

The recursion appears to happen during provision-save. The data visible in the frontend from the failed command is pasted below. You'll see that provisionContext->service() is calling itself with infinite recursion. I do not understand what is occurring in this code enough to try to figure out what's happening.

I can run the provision-save command that the import task log claims to attempt at the command line without problems.

Any ideas? Is this the right place to submit issues like this?


Import task log is attached.

import.txt9.55 KB