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Drush & Aegir Contrib Showcase at DrupalCon Munich


Drush & Aegir Contrib Showcase at DrupalCon Munich

As a follow-up to Aegir at DrupalCon Munich, I just scheduled a Drush & Aegir Contrib Showcase for the end of the day Tuesday.

Drush and Aegir are built around and/or atop Drupal, and share its modular, extensible nature. Come discover some of the exciting things going on in the Aegir community, from automating backups and retention policies, through collaborative, distributed development environments, to automating dev-test-staging workflows.

Got a project you'd like to share? Come show it off!

Curious about how to extend Drush and Aegir? Bring your questions for those who've done it before!

Got nothing better to do Tuesday afternoon? Drop by to say 'hi!' ;-p

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