allow clients to edit their site files directly on remote server

Hi, As I understand, the remote server acts as a slave from the master and the verify task syncs files form master to slave. Is there a way to prevent slave data to be overridden by master so the clients will be able to manage their files on the remote ? If yes I guess the remote won't be managed by aegir any more... so if no, is the best solution is to have 2 separate aegir master instances ?



Allowing anyone to edit anything on the remote server is just asking for trouble. Those remote servers are always rsynced to, not from. Whoever is doing the editing won't know what hit them if a verify came through.

If you want to give someone direct access to files running a website, you probably want a second Platform on server_master. server_master is the only server that doesn't rsync its files anywhere.

The other option would be to get your sites into Git and try out DevShop. It lets you set up as many separate environments for one project as you want from a single Git repo.

But even with DevShop, if user's are editing files live, @server_master is where you want to have them.


Thanks for you reply. I finally solved this issue by promoting the remote server to master but will give a try to your DevShop module.