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2.0-alpha2 released!


2.0-alpha2 released!

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2.0-alpha2 release notes

The Aegir team is pleased to announce the second preview (alpha) release of the Aegir 2.x branch, after nearly 3 months of development since our first alpha release. We've squashed a number of tenacious bugs, added some nifty features, and made some important improvements to our API. We expect at least one more alpha release before we call a feature-freeze, and begin out stabilizing and cleanup (beta) release cycle.

During this release cycle, we also began work on Aegir 3, a more-or-less straight port of Aegir 2 to Drupal 7. We continue to sync changes in 2.x to our 3.x branch, and look forward to continuing the port (and beginning to add new features) as soon as we've released our first stable 2.x release.

Our next alpha release will target getting sub-site support (,, etc.) into Aegir core as an experimental feature. This has been our number one feature request from higher education institutions, and so we intend to incorporate it into Aegir 2, in order to enable greater adoption within that sector. We have a fairly detailed implementation plan, and so feel confident that we can incorporate this major feature, in fairly short order.

We encourage everyone to read the release notes for complete details.


yay, I'm starting my second Aegir-based project I'm really excited about all the bug fixes and new features, but the Question becomes, should I start that project with Aegir2.0 alpha2 with crossed fingers or is it safer to go with 1.9 hoping there will be a migration path soon ?


well, now we released beta1 so you should be safer with that guy.

in general, aegir releases are pretty stable, the only risk you have is finding a bug in an edge case that no one tested. :)

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