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2.0-alpha1 released!


2.0-alpha1 released!

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2.0-alpha1 release notes

The Aegir team is pleased to announce the first preview release (alpha) of the Aegir 2.x branch, after almost 2 years of development. We have been pretty busy with the maintenance of the 1.x branch, so development has been sometimes intermittent, but it is not over yet!

This release is only a first of a series of alpha releases that are tailored to make upcoming changes available to a wider audience than people ready to install from git, but also to make features more widely available and tested. More alpha releases will be published on a more regular basis in the weeks to come as more features from the new provisional roadmap are implemented.

Also, since every single attempt at providing a proper timeline for the final 2.0 release has failed miserably, we'll just stop trying our luck and just give up on a formal timeline. Instead, we'll just do the freaking work. :) Also remember that the port to Drupal 7 has been postponed to Aegir 3. Aegir 1 and 2 both support provisionning Drupal 7 sites, but the frontend is running Drupal 6. We are aiming for a "straight port" (no rewrite) of the frontend for Aegir 3.

See the release notes for complete details.

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