2.2 release notes

The Aegir team is proud to announce the second release in the stable 2.x release branch!

1. Installing and upgrading

The canonical source of installation documentation is on the community site at:


In a similar fashion, the upgrade documentation is at:


Within those sections, you'll find step-by-step instructions for performing both manual and automatic upgrade processes.

It is still imperative that you read the the upgrade path and version-specific information and follow all version-specific upgrade instructions before trying to run the upgrade script or manual upgrade.

2. Need help?

If you struggle to install or upgrade your Aegir system, you have a number of options available to you for getting help.

Consult this page for more information: http://community.aegirproject.org/help

Thanks to our awesome community for their help, support and encouragement as always! Enjoy the new release :)

3. Known issues

Being really open about our project, we have never hidden the fact that some things, sometimes, do not work in Aegir. Our issue trackers are public, and we've made it a point of honor not only to document clearly what is wrong in our releases as soon as we find out about it, but also to reroll new releases when we fix it.

That being said, 2.2 still has a number of issues and design flaws. This is the list of all issues marked "major" in the queue right now. Most issues are now likely to be fixed in the 3.x development branch, and unlikely to be backported unless considered critical.

4. Features

#2267057: Pre-upgrade add ctools to 6.x-2.x

5. Bug fixes


The Provision part seems pretty complete, although it would be good to double-check it.

For the Hosting part, the 2.1 release was in April 2014, so anything fixed more recently than 12 months ago could be included if I understand correctly: https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/hosting?text=&status=7&priorities=...

By definition, we should at least include Major and Critical issues, so I'll get started on those.


Oops, seems like most of the issues had been closed long before that, the updated time only refers to a batch of automatic change to the issues based on comit history.

However a lot of issues have been bumped to 7.x-3.x, so this makes finding the relevant issues a bit harder.


Oh also only bug reports are supposed to be listed, so my initial count was even more wrong than I thought!