Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-01-28

07:01 <@anarcat> morning!
07:01 <@anarcat> scrum is late omg! ;)
07:01 <@mig5> hai!
07:01 <@mig5> oops
07:01 <@anarcat> sorry i'm late :)
07:01 <@mig5> too many emails to read
07:01 <@anarcat> first rule of scrums : start on time damnit! ;)
07:01 < eft_> people still use email?
07:02 <@mig5> only 1 minute off. i blame timezones
07:02 <@anarcat> so anyways
07:02 <@anarcat> i almost caught up on all my issues
07:03 <@anarcat> i reported a few following significant upgrades
07:03 <@anarcat> maybe that was last week
07:03 <@mig5> I think so :)
07:03 <@anarcat> i want to make rc tonight
07:03 <@mig5> !
07:03 <@anarcat> oh, we have deployed our first d7 platform here
07:03 <@mig5> nicely done.hefring in here runs on d7
07:04 <@anarcat> still waiting on actual tests for this - i think i'll just merge it in: http://drupal.org/node/1033072
07:04 <@anarcat> i agree with http://drupal.org/node/1039168 that path shouldn't be editable
07:04 <@anarcat> and well, that's it!
07:04 <@mig5> nice!
07:04 <@anarcat> i think that koumbit will rework its own roadmap next week, so i'll keep you up to date on that
07:04 <@anarcat> so how about an rc?
07:04 <@mig5> yes please do merge that in, i have heard a number of people add those indexes themselves and report good results
07:05 <@mig5> an rc sounds good
07:05 <@mig5> i would like to fix this http://drupal.org/node/1004526
07:05 <@mig5> this functionality got ripped out for some reason in like, June
07:05 <@mig5> so it's not critical, but i hate seeing good work disappear
07:05 <@anarcat> ah
07:05 <@anarcat> yeah, agreed
07:06 <@mig5> i'll briefly run through what i've been doing in the last 48 hours
07:06 <@mig5> i've mainly been trying to stabilise a bunch of shit
07:06 <@mig5> You could create platforms and servers with the same names/hostnames, leading to Duplicate entries and context clashes
07:06 <@mig5> http://drupal.org/node/1039010 
07:07 <@mig5> Drush 4.x is broken in terms of rsyncing stuff to remote servers, so I reverted HEAD to use 3.3. see http://drupal.org/node/1041386
07:07 <@mig5> Drush Make beta10 is broken re: remote makefile referencing. So upped to beta11. http://drupal.org/node/979656
07:07 <@mig5> committed that fix for that Quota bug: http://drupal.org/node/1003666
07:07 <@mig5> Some deprecated ereg_replace thing in provision
07:07 <@mig5> uid 1 was not mapped to client 1 in hosting_client_user which broke some client-based platform access control http://drupal.org/node/996578
07:08 <@mig5> unconed identified an infinite loop with provision-save and contexts: http://community.aegirproject.org/node/267
07:08 <@mig5> I couldn't reproduce the infinite loop but can confirm clusters simply don't work
07:08 <@anarcat> about that uid1 thing - i thought uid1 was bypassing all access checks?
07:08 <@anarcat> i think ergonlogic had problems with that in the past too
07:08 <@anarcat> i see
07:08 <@mig5> it *was* at some point
07:08 <@anarcat> it'd be nice that node/267 be reported as a real bug...
07:08 <@mig5> but i decided, if we are letting people check a box granting access to that user, then maybe it should just work as expected
07:08 <@anarcat> too bad ppl report issues on community.a.o
07:08 <@anarcat> agreed
07:08 <@mig5> if it bypasses the checks, it should probably not even be a checklist option, 
07:08 <@mig5> so i just fixed it the other way
07:08  * anarcat nods
07:08 <@anarcat> ok
07:09 <@mig5> yes unconed, He supplied me with a patch that seems to fix clusters! but concerned that I still couldn't reproduce the infinite loop.
07:09 <@mig5> xk has similar issues, so I put the patch there for review: http://drupal.org/node/1016890
07:09 <@anarcat> cool
07:09 <@mig5> and finally that Aliases thing
07:09 <@mig5> (phew! yes i did take notes in preparation for this scrum :)
07:09 <@mig5> that's me done
07:09 <@anarcat> man you're awesome
07:09 <@anarcat> do you plan to be as awesome next week? ;)
07:10 <@mig5> i can try, but i might balance it out by throwing in some migressions
07:10 <@mig5> :)
07:10 < eft_> my efforts are barely worth mentioning
07:10 < eft_> I didn't mention last week that I contributed a small wiki : using drush_make to optimize workflow http://community.aegirproject.org/node/256
07:11 <@mig5> eft_: yes, nice article!
07:11 <@anarcat> mig5: excellent :)
07:11 <@anarcat> okay, anyone else has anything to add?
07:11 <@anarcat> anybody scared of an RC?
07:11 <+omega8cc> This week (well, in the last minute) I rewrote and finally submitted for review two commits: one to add Nginx related how-to in the docs/INSTALL.txt - http://drupal.org/node/1042402 and second (too big probably, sorry!) with many improvements for Nginx configuration templates: http://drupal.org/node/1042312. I promise to submit future changes in the small incremental chunks instead of one big update. Next week I plan to submit even more Nginx related improv
07:11 <+omega8cc> and will debug mysterious issue - Aegir fails to rewrite paths in the "files" table on second and next site rename tasks, it works only on the first rename and I reproduced it on more than 5 imported sites, so something for sure interesting to debug and submit a patch (I hope). Also, I plan to finally work on some multiserver deployments and hope to help to find a fix for Drush 4.1 - http://drupal.org/node/1041386. That is it from me.
07:12 <@anarcat> omega8cc: your first line was stripped
07:12 <@anarcat> at Nginx related improv
07:12 <@mig5> nice, yes i freaked out the other day not knowing how to set up aegir with just nginx :) so those docs would be great
07:12 <@anarcat> thanks omega8cc ! :)
07:13 <@anarcat> your work is really appreciated, i wonder if we shouldn't just commit the huge patch with the hope that next ones will be incremental :)
07:13 <@anarcat> esp. considering you also use git, you should really "commit often" :)
07:13 <@anarcat> okay, anybody else?
07:13 <@mig5> anRC would be great - either way, yes definitely a new release, there are some annoying and critical bugs in beta2 (the data loss multiserver one for one)
07:13 < eft_> any word from devseed on moving c.a.o. ?
07:13 <@mig5> oh yes. or a.o
07:14 <@mig5> does anyone want to work on a drupalised version of a.o? and maybe give it to anarcat to host (or i can host it)
07:14 <@mig5> i can't theme for shit, so I'm out :)
07:14 < eft_> how much is there?
07:14 <@anarcat> mig5: i don't think we should drupalize a.o, actually
07:14 <@mig5> ah, cool that's fine with me
07:14 <@anarcat> just leave it like this, but remove the time-changing stuff
07:14 <@anarcat> and yeah we can host it
07:14 <@mig5> i remember adrian mentioning it
07:15 <@anarcat> oh, the DNS transfer of a.o and .com is stuck
07:15 <@mig5> everyone is annoyed at the g.d.o link, so if we could change that at least
07:15 <@mig5> ah
07:15 <@anarcat> email problems between gandi and devseed
07:15 <@anarcat> yeah
07:15 <@anarcat> but they wanted to transfer ownership of the domains too
07:15 <@anarcat> and i started the xfer
07:15 <@mig5> oh i see
07:16 <@anarcat> but anyways, yeah, transfer the NS and we'll go ahead from there
07:16 <@anarcat> okay, that's it for the scrum folks, thanks for attendign!
07:16  * anarcat heading for a sandwich
07:16 <@mig5> cheers
07:16 < eft_> later