Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-26

[06:59:46]    <ergonlogic>  mig5 omega8cc: scrum?
[07:00:14]    <ergonlogic>  darthsteven & anarcat indicated they wouldn't be able to make it today
[07:00:57]  <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: we may need to re-schedule it then?
[07:01:20]  <ergonlogic>  yep, anarcat had asked to re-schedule for an hour earlier
[07:02:05]    <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: makes sense also here, as it is now 10pm cet, not sure about mig5?
[07:02:44]   <mig5>    hi there
[07:02:44] <hefring> mig5: 2 hours 39 min ago <darthsteven> Tell mig5 that I'll be unable to make the scrum again, I've worked on fixing some bugs, including one major one that I introduced in 1.7. I would suggest that we should release 1.8 soonish. I also did some work on aegir-up to make it super useful for developing aegir itself.
[07:03:09]   <mig5>    i am OK for it to be rescheduled - however, if it moves earlier in the day, i won't be showing up :)
[07:03:14]    <mig5>    and i think that's ok, to be honest...
[07:03:25]  <mig5>    we've spent years to trying to accomodate for everyone and i think it's the wrong approach
[07:03:44] <mig5>    i'll send updates via hefring in advance, and read scrum notes afterward
[07:03:45]    <ergonlogic>  mig5: ok
[07:03:54] <ergonlogic>  mig5: do you have a suggestion?
[07:04:09]  <ergonlogic>  nobody wants to exclude anyone else
[07:04:14]  <mig5>    nope. any later is too late for the europeans
[07:04:24]    <mig5>    any earlier, i will not wake up (hard enough already :) )
[07:04:42]    <mig5>    and by the time the europeans are getting up, it's late for me, so same problem
[07:04:56] <mig5>    reversed
[07:04:59] <ergonlogic>  yep
[07:05:06]  <ergonlogic>  no wins
[07:05:22]  <omega8cc>    mig5: hah, hefring could help a bit, but it is then not really interactive :) 22pm cet is still ok for me
[07:05:56]    <mig5>    i'm not fussed on 'exclusion', it's simply the nature of things :) i'd sooner see four or 5 of you talking, via logs, than three of us
[07:06:35]  <mig5>    nothing new from me anyway this week - darthsteven has been amazing in the issue queues, fixed a lot of things. and it looks like i need to finally check out aegir-up
[07:06:59]   <omega8cc>    or maybe let's schedule two scrums on Monday/Tuesday then? so we could choose which scrum to attend?
[07:07:02]    <ergonlogic>  well, we do alot of communicating outside the scrums, so I don;t think it's essential
[07:07:22]   <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: that's another good idea
[07:07:35]  <mig5>    yes a morning/night scrum could be interesting :)
[07:07:47]    <ergonlogic>  though maybe monday/thursday, or something
[07:07:54]   <ergonlogic>  so it's spread out a bit more?
[07:08:02]  <omega8cc>    sometimes I work late in the night cet
[07:08:03]   <mig5>    yep
[07:08:05]  <omega8cc>    good idea
[07:08:20]    <ergonlogic>  yeah, same here (late nights)
[07:09:11]    <omega8cc>    so let's convert the old problem into this new idea
[07:09:35] <ergonlogic>  so, monday afternoons, one hour earlier
[07:09:48]  <ergonlogic>  and thursdays when it's convenient for mig5?
[07:10:31]    <ergonlogic>  later, we could perhaps schedule the monday ones earlier to be easier on the europeans...
[07:10:44]    <omega8cc>    sure, is thursday ok for you mig5?
[07:10:48]   <mig5>    i'm confused on when is 'monday afternoon' - afternoon for who?
[07:10:57]   <ergonlogic>  re aegir-up, I'min the process of turning it into a drush extension
[07:11:00] <mig5>    thursday is fine for me - at this time, or the other end of the day?
[07:11:16]   <ergonlogic>  mig5: well, for me, obviously :P
[07:12:06] <omega8cc>    mig5: be the host of the thursday scrum and choose the hour :)
[07:12:21]   <ergonlogic>  mig5: I meant one hour earlier than current time on mondays (for now)
[07:12:30]    <ergonlogic>  for the Monday scrums
[07:12:56]    <mig5>    yes, go one hour earlier on the mondays - as i'll likely just drop out of those, so make it convenient for you
[07:13:12]  <ergonlogic>  right
[07:14:27]    <mig5>    and perhaps we go the opposite for Thursday
[07:14:27]  <mig5>    http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2012&mont...
[07:14:47]  <mig5>    so it's the time in montreal for oyu that is for me right now, but europeans and asia-pacific can join in
[07:15:36]   <mig5>    or perhaps one hour earlier, same as you're going to make it for monday
[07:15:49] <mig5>    http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2012&mont...
[07:16:18]  <omega8cc>    this will work for me, but maybe 9pm would be better
[07:16:21] <omega8cc>    right
[07:16:55]    <mig5>    ok sure
[07:17:17]  <ergonlogic>  alright, I've update the monday scrums on c.a.o
[07:17:38] <ergonlogic>  I'll leave it to one of you to add the second scrum time?
[07:17:57]   <omega8cc>    mig5: :)
[07:18:18] <ergonlogic>  I guess we can just remove 'weekly' from those pages now :)
[07:18:29]    <omega8cc>    yep
[07:20:00]  <ergonlogic>  hefring tell darthsteven we're moving the Monday scrums up by 1 hour (for now) as per anarcat's request, and starting a second one on Thursdays, to accomodate Mig5 and Omega8cc
[07:20:00]   <hefring> ergonlogic: I'll pass that on when darthsteven is around.
[07:20:20]   <ergonlogic>  hefring tell anarcat we're moving the Monday scrums up by 1 hour (for now) as per your request, and starting a second one on Thursdays, to accomodate Mig5 and Omega8cc
[07:20:20] <hefring> ergonlogic: I'll pass that on when anarcat is around.
[07:21:02]   <omega8cc>    I still need to take a look at this aegir-up stuff, but am I correct you are rewriting it as a drush ext?
[07:21:10]    <ergonlogic>  k, so, let's wrap this up, unless anyone had anything substantive?
[07:21:14]  <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: yep
[07:21:27]    <omega8cc>    awesome!
[07:21:27] <ergonlogic>  the basics are in place
[07:21:39]  <ergonlogic>  with drush wrappers around the shell scripts I'd written
[07:21:57]    <ergonlogic>  but I'll start new commands natively in drush, and port the rest as time permits
[07:22:31]    <ergonlogic>  hefring: log pointer
[07:22:31] <hefring> http://hefring.mig5.net/bot/log/aegir/2012-03-26#T187514
[07:22:39] <omega8cc>    I have very little to report this week, basically a bit of simple magic in Aegir and Drush 4.6-dev to make it work with Drupal 8
[07:22:53] <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: yeah, that was nice!
[07:23:17]   <ergonlogic>  I haven't tried it out yet, but nice to see!
[07:23:42]    <omega8cc>    that was not really a magic, rather boring search/replace, but still, it is nice it works
[07:24:01]    <ergonlogic>  drush 5 was released
[07:24:33] <ergonlogic>  so we might want to start moving aegir to it
[07:24:43] <omega8cc>    yeah, but it drops drupal 5 support and we are not compatible yet, afaik
[07:24:58] <ergonlogic>  there are a couple issues about it, yeah
[07:25:04] <omega8cc>    so we have a choice in the meantime
[07:25:36]  <ergonlogic>  well, I guess that can be one of the differentiators for 2.x? no more D5?
[07:27:07]    <omega8cc>    yeah, however we have still people on pressflow 5, but it will be a good selling point to give them EOL for d5 support in Aegir
[07:27:31]  <ergonlogic>  drush also supports COMMANDFILE.drush4.inc, or something similar
[07:28:08] <ergonlogic>  so we could keep our current functionality for backward compatibility
[07:28:16]    <omega8cc>    didn't know that, nice
[07:28:19]  <ergonlogic>  but it would mean alot more code to maintain
[07:28:38] <omega8cc>    yeah, not worth the effort probably
[07:29:04]  <ergonlogic>  it's an option, if we want to deprecate D5 support, I guess
[07:29:59] <ergonlogic>  either way drush 5 is the future, and allows for some nifty things
[07:30:02]   <ergonlogic>  anyway
[07:30:12]   <ergonlogic>  I'll post the log