Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-05

[07:00:08]    <@darthsteven>    anarcat, darthsteven, mig5, EclipseGc, ergonlogic, mvc, omega8cc, shrop, skwashd: Scrum time!
[07:01:48]    <@darthsteven>    anyone else here?
[07:03:00]    <@omega8cc>   ah, it's Monday again?
[07:03:56]  <@darthsteven>    it is!
[07:04:07]   <@darthsteven>    wouldd you like to go firs this week?
[07:04:13]    <@darthsteven>    *first
[07:06:09]   <@iler>   :)
[07:06:33]   <@darthsteven>    no?
[07:06:38]  <@darthsteven>    okay well I'll go then
[07:06:48]  <@anarcat>    scrum
[07:06:52]    <@anarcat>    sry
[07:06:56]  <@darthsteven>    Hello!
[07:06:56]   <@hefring>    what's up
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[07:07:10]    <@darthsteven>    So last Friday I spent the day working on the D7 port
[07:07:35]    <@darthsteven>    lots of initial looking at entity module and getting some of our entities set up
[07:07:53] <@darthsteven>    nothing major to report, only that it's going to take a while to port :)
[07:08:23]    <@darthsteven>    I added a couple of command line options to our mysqldump command
[07:08:36]    <@darthsteven>    and broke aegir doing so, but then fixed it, so all is well
[07:08:40]  <@darthsteven>    that's it from me?
[07:08:47]  <@darthsteven>    anarcat: do you want to go next?
[07:09:01] <@darthsteven>    (that is it from me, btw)
[07:09:25]    * scor has joined #aegir
[07:09:35] <@anarcat>    yep
[07:09:38]  <@anarcat>    so
[07:09:57]   <@anarcat>    i'll work on the 1.7 release tomorrow
[07:10:03]   <@anarcat>    i hope to have time to wrap it up
[07:10:14]    <@anarcat>    i think omega8cc merged their patches in so the timing seems ripe
[07:10:17]    <@darthsteven>    cool
[07:10:21] <@scor>   http://community.aegirproject.org/content/installing/automatic-installat... says the current Ubuntu Server LTS is 11.04. however according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS it does not seem that 11.04 is LTS
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[07:10:38]    <@iler>   scor: It's not, 10.04 is
[07:10:54]    <@scor>   so this documentation applies to 10.04?
[07:10:55]  <@iler>   And next one is 12.04
[07:10:56]    <@anarcat>    koumbit reprioritised its roadmap and we'll look at migrate optimisations next, trying to consolidate the files/ directory outside of the migrate
[07:11:07]   <@darthsteven>    scor/iler: we're mid-scrum please keep chatter to a minimum until after (in about 10 mins)
[07:11:10]  <@anarcat>    then we'll look at subsite support
[07:11:19]  <@scor>   darthsteven: oops sorry will come back later
[07:11:27] <@darthsteven>    anarcat: awesome
[07:11:55] <@anarcat>    then we'll look at securing verify from code injection. e.g. by not running cc all and by looking directly in the system table instead of bootstrapping the site
[07:12:11]    <@anarcat>    so that remote acces to the sites dir is more secure
[07:12:18] <@anarcat>    so that's our roadmap for the next year
[07:12:21] <@omega8cc>   nice
[07:12:39] <@anarcat>    most of those will be done on 2.x, and we'll start deploying those for willing guinea pigs
[07:12:39]  <@darthsteven>    lovely
[07:12:50]   <@anarcat>    so i'll probably setup a 2.x debian archive too
[07:13:21] <@anarcat>    i feel sick last week so i didn't do much work other than that planning
[07:13:25] <@anarcat>    that's it for me
[07:13:35]    <@darthsteven>    awesome, thanks anarcat
[07:13:37]  <@darthsteven>    omega8cc?
[07:13:40]    <@omega8cc>   ok
[07:13:51]   <@omega8cc>   Last week I merged in all Nginx related fixes and improvements we already have tested and used in BOA, and also fixed some missing Nginx config bits between 6.x-1.x and 6.x-2.x.
[07:14:04]    <@omega8cc>   This week I plan to commit some UX improvements in hostmaster we have in BOA for a long time already, in a separate branch of course, for review.
[07:14:19]    <@anarcat>    cool
[07:14:20] <@omega8cc>   and that is it from me, I think.
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[07:14:34]  <@darthsteven>    awesome work omega8cc
[07:14:45]    <@darthsteven>    I've been getting lots of emails about issues being updated/fixed
[07:14:47]   <@anarcat>    omega8cc: you think the stuff you merged is ready for release? :)
[07:15:11]    <@omega8cc>   anarcat: haha, it is used in production for months!
[07:15:23]  <@anarcat>    cool :)
[07:15:33]  <@omega8cc>   darthsteven: thanks, I promised the flood :)
[07:15:33] <@anarcat>    omega8cc: oh, and i saw you're looking at working on nginx debian packaging
[07:15:39] * patcon has joined #aegir
[07:15:40]   <@omega8cc>   yes
[07:15:47]  <@anarcat>    omega8cc: we may want to sync up on that as i will work on having easier to build 2.x packages
[07:15:53]   <@anarcat>    so that would be the right place to dev that
[07:16:04] <@omega8cc>   I agree
[07:16:11]  <@anarcat>    expect that tomorrow
[07:16:22] <@anarcat>    alright anything else?
[07:16:25]   <@anarcat>    we're hitting our timebox
[07:16:42]   <@anarcat>    i know that ergonlogic has proposed to split hostmaster in eldir/hosting/hostmaster parts back again
[07:16:49] <@anarcat>    i'd be curious to hear what ppl think of that
[07:17:09]   <@darthsteven>    it makes sense for Eldir, but not for hosting
[07:17:36]    <@anarcat>    well, there's an issue opened about his
[07:17:41] <@darthsteven>    indeed :)
[07:17:57]    <@darthsteven>    end of scrum unless anyone else wants to chip in in the next 15 seconds...
[07:18:38]   <@darthsteven>    that's a scrum then folks