Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-27

[07:00:23]    <darthsteven> Scrum time?
[07:00:33]  <mig5>    yep
[07:01:30]  <mig5>    don't everyone go at once! :)
[07:01:37]   <mig5>    I can start
[07:01:45]  <cmcintosh>   by all means
[07:02:07] <anarcat> alright
[07:02:08]  <mig5>    not much from me, I committed a few patches mainly from omega8cc for nginx stuff, and a couple other small bugs. figured i'd get a few fixes in before 1.7
[07:02:17]  <anarcat> scrum scrum scrum scrum scrumscrumscrum
[07:02:24]  <darthsteven> Awesome stuff
[07:02:26]    <mig5>    go for it
[07:02:43]    <cmcintosh>   i have been working on building a integrated workflow using git / aegir tasks
[07:03:13]    <anarcat> alright
[07:03:18]  <cmcintosh>   for now it will only have support for git but hoping to have api in it for addition of other types of repos
[07:03:36]  <anarcat> that's cool
[07:03:42] <cmcintosh>   yea
[07:03:48]  <anarcat> alright, is that all?
[07:04:00]    * anarcat is eager to go (haha)
[07:04:04]    <cmcintosh>   i also may be submitting a patch to tasks / platforms module to fix the issues i have been seeing with adding custom tasks into platform
[07:04:11] <cmcintosh>   anarcat, go go go!
[07:04:14]   <anarcat> alright
[07:04:16]  <anarcat> i've been testing file descriptors overflow all weekend
[07:04:24] <darthsteven> Hehe
[07:04:27] <anarcat> running simulations creating billions of file descriptors
[07:04:32]    <anarcat> and just now, it failed
[07:04:33]  <anarcat> Resource id #2147480111
[07:04:34]  <anarcat> 105 fd: Resource id #-2147483648, restartingstarting almost infinite loop to overflow PHP resources (file descriptors), press enter to continue or control-c to abort
[07:04:40]    <anarcat> so drum roll please
[07:04:49]  <anarcat> we'll now see if pcntl_exec() fixes the shit
[07:04:49]    <darthsteven> Nice
[07:04:58] <anarcat> (drum roll?)
[07:04:59] <anarcat> whatever
[07:05:00] <anarcat> 105 fd: Resource id #-2147483648, restartingstarting almost infinite loop to overflow PHP resources (file descriptors), press enter to continue or control-c to abort
[07:05:03]    <anarcat> Resource id #111
[07:05:06] <anarcat> Resource id #10111
[07:05:08]   <anarcat> so there you go
[07:05:11]  <anarcat> it fixes the shit!
[07:05:21]   <anarcat> the fix is to re-exec the daemon, the bug doesn't survive pcntl_exec()
[07:05:38]  <anarcat> so i think we could just re-exec the daemon after N tasks OR x seconds
[07:05:42]   <darthsteven> Isn't that what we do already?
[07:05:49]  <anarcat> well, we do it after a timeout
[07:06:01]   <anarcat> my guess is that for a serie of heavy tasks that isn't enough
[07:06:06]   <darthsteven> Ah right
[07:06:10] <mig5>    so is this related to that http://drupal.org/node/1454316 ?
[07:06:11]  <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1454316 => Provision recurses infinitely on reading in context => Provision, Code, normal, active, 6 comments, 1 IRC mention
[07:06:12]    <anarcat> say like 20 migrates
[07:06:15] <anarcat> mig5: no
[07:06:18] <mig5>    ok
[07:06:20]   <anarcat> it's in the hosting_queue_runner
[07:06:25]    <mig5>    oh right
[07:06:28] <anarcat> alright, so that was my crazy shit
[07:06:32]   <anarcat> i want to release 1.7 soonish
[07:06:36]    <anarcat> i am not sure i'll have time this week
[07:06:41]  <anarcat> and besides we should wait for 6.25
[07:06:46]  <mig5>    yep
[07:06:50]  <anarcat> ah
[07:06:53]   <mig5>    which is not far away thanks to that #drupalwtf
[07:07:01]  <anarcat> and i want to introduce omega8cc as a new core committer
[07:07:18] <mig5>    +1, we endlessly spoke of it but never did it :)
[07:07:25] <anarcat> we have already discussed this in the past, but i talked with omega8cc and we agreed that we could give commit access with the understanding that it is limited to nginx stuff
[07:07:26]   <darthsteven> Cool
[07:07:31] <anarcat> which we can't really review anyways
[07:07:33]    <mig5>    i would prefer not to blindly commit patches with my current migression rate
[07:07:46] <anarcat> omega8cc: see? mig5 is just like you :P
[07:07:48]  <anarcat> so
[07:07:54]   <omega8cc>    :)
[07:07:55]   <anarcat> omega8cc: welcome in the team, and congratulations
[07:08:06]   <anarcat> i think that's it for me, i can take care of christening the commit access
[07:08:07]  <omega8cc>    thank you! :)
[07:08:24]    <anarcat> next!
[07:08:39]    <darthsteven> omega8cc: Do you want to go next?
[07:09:07]    <anarcat> omega8cc: your account is omega8cc on d.o?
[07:09:08]   <omega8cc>    darthsteven: thanks, I will be last
[07:09:12]  <omega8cc>    yes
[07:09:26]  <anarcat> omega8cc: you now have access to provision
[07:09:32]   <darthsteven> Okay, mig5 were you done?
[07:09:57]    <anarcat> omega8cc: you now have access to hostmaster
[07:10:04]  <mig5>    darthsteven: yep
[07:10:19] <darthsteven> I'll go next then
[07:10:22]   <darthsteven> :)
[07:10:35]   <darthsteven> Right, I had a slightly busy weekend
[07:10:46] <anarcat> while i'm here, i removed tbosviel and univate from the maintainers ACL, as we haven't seen them forever
[07:11:07]   <mig5>    sure
[07:11:11] <darthsteven> And I've pushed forward the D7 rewrite
[07:11:29]  <darthsteven> Note that I'm calling it a rewrite and not a port
[07:11:45]   <mig5>    awesome. I tried to drum up a bit of interest on twitter re: that
[07:11:48]    <darthsteven> There's just too much baggage and D7 really does change the way that you build sites
[07:12:22]    <darthsteven> There's quite a bit of discussion around entities vs. nodes already
[07:12:27] <anarcat> fair enough
[07:12:35]  <anarcat> yeah, that's really interesting! i joined in there too
[07:12:49]  <darthsteven> And so I want to facilitate that going forward, and reach consensus over the next few weeks
[07:12:52]  <anarcat> i don't have strong opinions on the matter, as i am not familiar enough with d7, but i'm happy to see the talks move ahead
[07:12:59] <mig5>    likewise ^^
[07:13:17]  <cmcintosh>   i think entities would be great
[07:13:23]  <darthsteven> I'm targeting Drupalcon Europe for the release
[07:13:30]  <anarcat> sweet
[07:13:31]    <mig5>    thanks for leading this darthsteven, it feels like it's got fresh air pumped into it again :)
[07:13:33]   <anarcat> that would be awesome
[07:13:40]    <cmcintosh>   let me know i am getting some paid time for aegir dev and may be able to swing some time towards d7
[07:13:42]  <darthsteven> So 6 or 18 months :p
[07:13:49] <anarcat> cmcintosh: that would be great
[07:13:52]   <anarcat> haha
[07:14:03] <darthsteven> cmcintosh: That would be awesome
[07:14:10] <anarcat> darthsteven: oh and that would fit well with the offers for sponsorship for the subdir support
[07:14:13]   <anarcat> did you guys see that?
[07:14:35]   <cmcintosh>   plus i need to sit down and upgrade aegir services for 3.x
[07:14:44]   <darthsteven> anarcat: As you say in the issue, there needs to be community consensus on the rewrite, as otherwise no one will want to maintain it
[07:15:11] <darthsteven> cmcintosh: Hopefully, in D7 services integration will be so much easier
[07:15:24]  <darthsteven> Thats it from me I think
[07:15:33] <cmcintosh>   sounds awesome
[07:15:35]   <darthsteven> Would happily chat nodes vs entities at some point
[07:15:45]   <darthsteven> (at a pub at the moment)
[07:15:45] <anarcat> darthsteven: well, my point is more that the person that will do the upgrade should have the final say
[07:15:52]   <anarcat> as i expect it will be you :P
[07:16:00]    <cmcintosh>   darthsteven, you got any code snipets for adding tasks to platforms on d6, would be great to review to see if im doing things right here
[07:16:37] <mig5>    cmcintosh: did you give an aegir talk at Sandcamp last month?
[07:16:40]    <darthsteven> cmcintosh: I think it was the Drupal gardens importer, which is on d.o somewhere
[07:16:53] <anarcat> so i wanted to add this http://drupal.org/node/705026#comment-5655840
[07:16:54]    <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/705026 => Allow creation of mysite.com/site1 and mysite.com/site2 type of sites => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, major, needs work, 29 comments, 1 IRC mention
[07:17:05]  <anarcat> it looks like we have people interested in sponsoring proper subdir support implementations
[07:17:10]  <cmcintosh>   no i was going to but didnt make it
[07:17:13]  <anarcat> and that would fit well with darthsteven's timeline for d7
[07:17:41]  <darthsteven> anarcat: If you could get the backend able to do that, I could get a frontend ship shape to drive it
[07:17:48] <anarcat> that would be awesome
[07:18:05]    <anarcat> i have zero cycles now, esp. since i am looking at 1.7 and sites dir improvements
[07:18:09]    <mig5>    how would we do it.. with 'Alias' in vhosts or something?
[07:18:12]  <anarcat> but it's certainly something we need
[07:18:13]    <darthsteven> Though I have some ideas of how it could work in the backend too :)
[07:18:14]  <anarcat> mig5: yeah.
[07:18:23]  <anarcat> i think that's the best idea so far
[07:18:25] <mig5>    i can't fathom how we'll be able to do migrations of sites, e.g if they are sharing the one vhost ServerName
[07:18:33]   <mig5>    but need to be on separate platforms
[07:18:40] <anarcat> aliases do that
[07:18:40]  <mig5>    i guess we'd have to just maintain the individual Alias somehow
[07:18:43] <mig5>    yeah
[07:18:44] <anarcat> yeah
[07:18:56] <mig5>    anyway - i think this is falling outside scrum, shall we tie it off?
[07:18:59] <mig5>    anything to add ergonlogic ?
[07:19:01] <mig5>    oh!
[07:19:02]  <mig5>    omega8cc! :)
[07:19:08] <mig5>    don't think you've had your turn
[07:19:08]   <anarcat> yeah!
[07:19:17]    <omega8cc>    I will take this opportunity and will finally sync Nginx stuff between BOA fork and our upstream in the next 2-3 days, but it will require a small flood of Nginx related patches. So we should have nicely polished Nginx config before 1.7 release.
[07:19:31]    <ergonlogic>  oops, sorry 'bout that
[07:19:39]  <omega8cc>    Thanks for the commit access!
[07:19:47]    <mig5>    we forgot to make sure you wanted it! :)
[07:19:48]   <omega8cc>    I will do my best
[07:20:07]    <anarcat> mig5: i did ask before the scrum :)
[07:20:13]    <anarcat> mig5: which was the key bit we were missing :)
[07:20:17]   <mig5>    oh good
[07:20:19]  <omega8cc>    yes :)
[07:20:23]   <mig5>    'they forced me into core dev' sniff
[07:20:28] <anarcat> haha
[07:20:30] <omega8cc>    haha
[07:21:20] <ergonlogic>  for my part, I'm planning on a beta release of aegir-up this week, and to start migrating hostmaster.profile to the Profiler library
[07:21:24]    <ergonlogic>  that's it
[07:21:35]   <ergonlogic>  sorry for missing it :-/
[07:21:41] <mig5>    great stuff. will the hostmaster profile rewrite be for 6.x-2.x or just the 7.x port?
[07:21:46]    <cmcintosh>   darthsteven, can you get me a link to the dl for that module
[07:21:53] <cmcintosh>   doesnt seem to be anything in the repo on d.o
[07:22:42]    <darthsteven> cmcintosh: http://drupal.org/sandbox/darthsteven/1178192
[07:22:57] <ergonlogic>  both 6.x and 7.x, I figure
[07:23:14]   <darthsteven> cmcintosh: http://drupalcode.org/sandbox/darthsteven/1178192.git/tree/refs/heads/6....
[07:23:26]   <mig5>    alright I think we'll call that a scrum
[07:23:32] <darthsteven> Yup
[07:23:33]  <mig5>    I'll do a fresh Aegir Newsletter today I think
[07:23:36]  <darthsteven> Thanks guys
[07:23:38]  <mig5>    thanks all