2.0-rc3 release notes

The Aegir team is pleased to announce the third release candidate for the upcoming Aegir 2.0 release.

This release mainly fixes a couple critical bugs in 2.0-rc2 that were causing problems when sites were being cloned or renamed. We've added a couple small features, such as additional options during hostmaster-install, and allowing the redirect to the Welcome page to be turned off. Also, we've made a small addition to the API, in that there is now a hook available (hook_provision_drupal_create_directories_alter()) to allow altering the directories created when a site installed.

In order to better support PHP 5.4, we have added a patch to Drupal core to suppress E_STRICT warnings. These were harmless, but annoying. They were caused by a changed in PHP error-reporting in PHP 5.4, and the Views module's maintainers' desire to remain backward compatible with PHP 4. For more details, see: #2060727: Patch Drupal core to suppress E_STRICT warnings on PHP5.4.

A number of pending issues require a new stable release of Drush (5.10), so we will work with the maintainers to help get a new release out.

Known issues

Our release process is still done by hand instead of being more automated because we can't use our aegir distribution as core (issue #1991764).

Issue #1931000: Missing drush backend output in frontend log has been fixed, but may require a patch to Drush for the use of hosting-queued.

Subdirectory support is still very preliminary and needs a number of issues to be fixed before completion, see #2046167 for details. Note that this will not block a stable release, since this feature is 'experimental', and additional re-factoring can occur during the stable release cycle.

Detailed list of changes


  • #1283738 by halcyonCorsair, cweagans: Allow other commands to add or alter the directories to be created.


  • #2069387 by cweagans, mstenta: Support nonstandard ports on hostmaster-install command.
  • #2067617: Allow hostmaster-install to accept '--working-copy' option.
  • Allow the redirect to the welcome page to be turned off.


  • Add E_STRICT patch to test openatrium makefile so tests will pass on PHP 5.4.
  • #2067603: Fix original and cloned site pointing to the same database.
  • #2048653: Ensure mysql is secure before proceeding with hostmaster install.
  • #2060727: Patch Drupal core to suppress E_STRICT warnings on PHP5.4.
  • #2038279: Warn of invalid account email on site install.
  • #2055949: Fix migrate drops wrong database when domain name changes.
  • #2074681 by cweagans, mstenta: Fixed ports are hardcoded in hostmaster.profile.
  • Use custom functions for block visibility.
  • #1940378: Fix PHP 5.4 warning by initializing an object variable prior to assigning properties.
  • #2050881: Call drush.php via php, since it isn't executable when installed via PEAR.
  • Enable platform site-list block, since it had to be renamed.